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Bambuparque is a specialized bamboo nursery, founded in 1990 by Yves Crouzet, then CEO of La Bambouseraie (30140 Anduze France) and the nursery of the same name.
This Portuguese subsidiary nursery is now independent and Yves Crouzet is its manager.
Located 200 km south of Lisbon, close to the Atlantic coast, it produces temperate bamboo, some resistant to -20ºC and tropical bamboo.
The amount of bamboo produced (over 1000,000 plants) makes Bambuparque the largest nursery in the world in its specialty.

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Our Production

In a 100 ha wide park, more than half is dedicated to the cultivation of bamboo. The plants are sold in pots and can be planted at any time of the year, close to hundreds of species and varieties are registered in our catalog. We also sell bamboo canes used mainly for crafts, decoration and construction. Bamboo foliage is an indispensable food for pandas and we regularly provide the Madrid Zoo for the survival of animals that came from China.

Our Customers

Our customers are mainly professionals, but we can also supply to individuals if they come to purchase the goods on site.

Respect of the environment

We are driven by a genuine concern for the respect and protection of the environment and as such we benefit from international MPS recognition.