Japan (Hokkaïdo and Northern Honshu)
Local name
Okuyama-zasa * Withstands -18ºC
Its large oblong leaves (20-28 cm long, 5-7 cm wide) and glossy are arranged in “palm”. They form splendid rounded masses.
Very rustic, this bamboo does well everywhere. It can withstand the shade as well as the strong sun. It is advised to reserve a vast place for it because its rhizomes are relatively crawling. It can be easily contained by cutting the young sprouts on the periphery of the plant. Planting them in the middle of a lawn poses no problem, as successive mowings to trim them will limit their size.
Massifs, hedges, flowerbeds, creeping vegetation.
Its foliage is its main feature, being a particularly decorative bamboo if seen in the backlight. With time the clearly colored stems of black are also very decorative. Young sprouts can be eaten in salads. In Japan, leaves are used to decorate certain dishes.
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