* Withstands -28ºC
Often called Fargesia nítida “Jiuzhaighou” this bamboo will not be part of the species nítida (to which it is very close), but of another one not yet described. Several clones are available on the European market, with some differences in size and color of the stems. The one we selected seemed particularly attractive due to the dark purple color of the stems and the delicacy of its foliage.
It develops well in the shade but withstands direct sun exposure very well.
The dark-colored stems stand out well in the green of its foliage.
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Other Bamboos

phyllostachys_nidularia_01 (1)

Phyllostachys nidularia


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Sasa masamuneana ‘Aureostriata’

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Pleioblastus pumilus

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